Web API Connect


    Will set up Power BI to retrieve data from Web API and end result look similar to example picture below

Setting up data source

    Clicking on "Get data ↓ " will open "Common data sources"

     From there select "Web".
     If in your Power BI Common data sources not appears "Web", click on Icon above "Get data". When window open in search type in web and select "Web" from results.

    New dialog is displayed "From Web", select from basic to advanced.
    Fill URL with your URL and api_resource_name and filters.
    Http request header fill as in example and click "OK":

    On left meniu side select "Basic" and fill in your Appframe user details. Then click "Connect"

Data Change

     After all data retrieved, you can select from which "Level" you want to get data, by moving through records.
     When on right data, select "Into Table".
     In new window may change and filter data, after all changes may click Icon or select option from "Close & Apply"

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