Web App

Pims R4 Dev Web App

The Web application in Pims R4 Dev with id: msgraphapi uses the Microsoft MSAL library to integrate with Microsoft Graph API. Setup is required

On load the app will try to authenticate and show an Office365 Popup to the user, if the user is authenticating against with Pims R4 with Office365 then its being silent, after successful login the application holds the access token that can be used to access Microsoft Graph API

The user access token when requested will need to contain the scope of permissions that it should hold, this needs to be set per integration and as an example its written in the script

In the example application, fill in the Graph API endpoint and after successful request the response will be shown in JSON

Microsoft has an OneDrive File picker that can be used in case you need to show files from a OneDrive or Sharepoint folder/site, in this example we have just connected it to your personal OneDrive Uri

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