Authoring Custom Login Dialog

In order to build a custom login with Login builder to be used by Core launcher you need to prepare build pipeline as a custom build steps and then actually implement custom login dialog. This is R4 related article.

Preparing the build pipeline

First you will need to prepare build pipeline. You will need to clone system MSBuild project and system Login project.

  1. Create a copy of Sys.WinClient.login and name it App.WinClient.CustomLogin. You do not need to tweak it so far.
  2. Create a copy of Sys.MSBuild.LoginApp  and name it App.MSBuild.CustomLoginApp.
  3. in App.MSBuild.CustomLoginApp update settings.xml to point to new custom login.
  4. also in settings.xml update OutputDir to point to new login path.
    the result should be like this:
  5. in App.MSBuild.CustomLoginApp build.proj update instances of Sys.WinClient.login to App.WinClient.CustomLogin using find and replace.
    the result should look like this:
  6. In LoginBuilder select a project you are using to build your "Sys Login to App Login", go to Custom Build Steps tab and press "Insert Sys Login to App Login Steps".
  7. update SetEntryProjName action to point to App.MSBuild.CustomLoginApp
    the result should be like this:

Once the pipeline is in place you can start testing the build. But there is nothing custom yet. App.WinClient.CustomLogin needs to be updated to invoke your custom login dialog.

Implementing Custom Login Dialog

Since Sys.WinClient.login and now our copy of it App.WinClient.CustomLogin is a VB project we can not directly grab existing implementation of LoginDialog from Appframe.Win.Login class. So we can go 2 directions from here.

  1. Convert App.WinClient.CustomLogin to csproj to seamlessly copy code from Appframe.Win.Login class and tweak it
  2. recreate Login dialog using components in Appframe.Win.Login using VB.

After the custom dialog is implemented inside of App.WinClient.CustomLogin Program.vb or .cs should be updated to call your custom login dialog.


Once pipeline and custom login is in place you can start building custom login for your core launcher to use. you will have to use Custom Build option in login builder.

Hope that helps you move forward. If this guide has any misdirection's please do not hesitate and ask Appframe team to update it.

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