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Appframe milestones are named by year and week number "AF YY.WW" ie. "AF 20.17"

Release Summary

May 2020

  • Added support for hotfixes to DB Updater
  • Added support for updating multiple hosts when applying updates  DB Updater
  • Added new tree control Data Tree
  • Added new content editor Content Editor
  • Added support for alternative connectionstring on data objects in article editor allowing connection to other servers/databases. Alternative connection
  • Added async support to code modules
  • Assembly loading performance improvements
  • Use sql server column definitions for fields in websiteCMS (removing need to clear cache on web when adding/changing fields on dataobjects)
  • Added dart code generator for models used in Mobile/Flutter applications
  • Added bootstrap 4 stylesheets and fontawesome pro bundle
  • Various improvements. Refer to Workflow Items Register for more details.

Breaking Changes and Manual Upgrades

Milestone Title Upgrade Guide
AF 20.16 In order for the fontawesome pro bundle to work you need to update web config to allow .woff2 files in the system.webserver.staticContent section <remove fileExtension=".woff2" /> <mimeMap fileExtension=".woff2" mimeType="application/font-woff2" />
AF 20.16 All developer tools will use Bundle files. You might need to fix permissions for web user to have write access to website 'lib' directory.
AF 20.19 All assemblies, windows projects use new reference model. You need to initialize the reference model for system libraries. In Assemblies form filter for system assemblies “sys.”, sort by descending Updated field, launch initialization by pressing Tools -> Recalculate Visible Projects References. After this complete Development runtime need to be downloaded.

April 2020

  • OWASP vulnerability improvements
  • Upgraded developer tools on web
  • New DB Updater with deployment based on namespaces. Refer to Migration from updater v3 to v4 and DB Updater v4 for details
  • The default hostname for Appframe is now set to PimsWeb. It is no longer necessary to run Pimp my site for sites using default PimsWeb hostname
  • New backend data API. API and authentication packages available for flutter (mobile app) development against Pims R4 solutions. Refer to Flutter docs for more details
  • Introduced af-bundles allowing appframe to serve 3rd party web libs from website 
  • Started the process of centralizing all documentation on 
  • Various improvements. Refer to Workflow Items Register for more details

Breaking Changes and Manual Upgrades

Milestone Title Upgrade Guide
AF 20.15 Increased file name length for attachments sent using afSendMail service Replace afSendMail windows service with new version
AF 20.18

New DB updater with namespace based deployment allowing solutions to listen for updates from multiple sources.

Refer to DB Updater v4 and Migration from updater v3 to v4 for details

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