Documentation site overview

Front page

Front page general purpose is to display all new articles which was created under specific categories or just informative articles under news category.

Also articles which are marked as "Allow sub-articles" will not be displayed there.

Article post will show summary text or if summary text is not set, it will take 300 first characters from article content and remove all html symbols.

Summary image can be used and will be displayed as long with article post.


Categories are generated from all articles which are marked as "Allow sub-articles" and which source parent is "doc" article.

Creating new article

You can create new article by pressing "New article" in user menu. Default parent article is set as "doc" article, change it accordingly to your needs.

There is only one template relevant to all article, so do not change it and leave it as it is, default. 

Pay attention when creating first 300 hundred characters, they will be displayed in the front page. It will take 300 chars and remove html. If you would like to have better information listed, fill summary, it will displayed instead of first 300 chars.

You can set summary as well.


All articles can be edited by using Appdesigner or content editor.

Security for editing

If article has specific Org unit defined, article edit permissions are defined by this Org unit policy.  

Security for displaying

All articles by default don't have any security check, it means they are all available

To allow only logged in users to view article, check both check boxes.

To allow only specific user group, you need to use appdesigner settings and add specific modules

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