If you need a filterable replacement for a select element you could use an appframe lookup: data-lookup='dsUsers' inside an input element will create a lookup using the first datasource field as the lookup field. If you include data-display='Field1' you set the source field (from lookup datasource) for what will be displayed display after the lookup). If you include more than one field in your display (or use a template for the lookup definition) you can set up bindings for more than one field using: data-value-bindings='TargetFieldName=SourceFieldName,PersonID=PersonID. Name=FullName' These assignments are executed when the user makes a selection in the lookup.

  • data-lookup="dsArtists0" - Points data object of lookup list
  • data-columns="Artist:160px,Website:160px,Genre:200px" - Format column widths
  • data-lookup-width='400px' - set width of lookup
  • data-lookup-search='false' - hide the search box
  • data-limit-to-list='true' - stop the user from writing in the input.
  • data-callback="someFnc" - will fire after item in lookup is selected. It will return selected row as a parameter.